Institute of Information Technologies in Economy

Educational methodology work

During the recent years, the Department faculty have developed a variety of innovative and well integrated learning materials including textbooks, educational manuals, collections of lecture notes, practical workbooks, case studies and collections of test items for monitoring learning. The employment of such variety of educational materials provides the following opportunities:

  • to familiarize students with the educational material (textbooks, educational manuals for self-study courses, lecture notes);
  • the system of exercises intended for students' independent work  helps to form their abilities and practical skills for applying relevant knowledge (educational and manuals for self-study courses, lecture notes, practical workbooks, collections of case studies);
  • students are able to monitor their own learning by using collections of test items that include answer keys. This facilitates the development of students’ self-control, introspection and metacognition (educational manuals for self-study courses, practical workbooks, collections of test items for learning self-monitoring, automated evaluation systems of students' knowledge and skills);
  • if students need advice or assistance, they are able to promptly communicate with a lecturer through the course website.

This educational methodology is based on a systems approach to learning of informatics by students in  the field of economics, which manifests itself in the focus on the integration of knowledge and skills, use of training and case study method, the development of appropriate test items, using structural and logic diagrams, terminology dictionaryetc.The available faculty’s educational publications contribute towards the educational  and supervisory functions of the Department.

Learning materials are constatntlyupdated in order to quickly respond to changes in the requirements of the content of economic education, infrastructure changes in the labor market, etc.

The implementation of distance education technology, such as WebCT and Moodle, is an important aspect of our faculty’s teaching activities.

The Department has been developing a new distance education course «Informatics».

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