Institute of Information Technologies in Economy

Educational methodology work

The Department teaches 7 bachelor-level and 1 master-level disciplines, and maintains the lifelong learning process for all specialities of the Faculty.

Materials to support the teaching process have been fully developed for all disciplines assigned to the Department: lectures, practical and laboratory training sessions, workshops, business games, consultations and individual sessions, ongoing knowledge control and examinations in accordance with decisions of the Academic Council and the Rector's Office of the KNEU. 

Methodological materials on the contents and the organisation of the self-study work of students, the ongoing and final control of their knowledge in all disciplines assigned to the Department have been developed and placed on the University's web site.

New textbooks and self-study manuals are being developed and published on an ongoing basis together with reviewing and updating working curricula and other methodological materials.

Last redaction: 14.07.23