Institute of Information Technologies in Economy

Department of Mathematical Modeling and Statistics

The Department of  Mathematical Modeling and Statistiics is a graduate department for the preparation of bachelors in the educational-professional program of specialty 051 "Economics": "Economic Cybernetics" and masters in the educational-professional program "Economic Cybernetics and Data Science".
The department provides fundamental and special training of specialists of bachelor's and master's levels at all faculties and forms of education in statistical, big data and data science analysis, construction of economic-mathematical models and their use in decision-making processes.
The main tasks of the disciplines taught by the department, are to provide students with opportunities to analyze and forecast economic systems through the eyes of a researcher; learn to apply the methodology, techniques and tools of economic and mathematical modeling in theoretical research and use the acquired knowledge in practice, given that economic processes develop in conditions of uncertainty, conflict and the resulting risk A wide range of disciplines offered by the department modeling of economic systems and gives the chance to receive to all interested persons thorough, system knowledge. Acquired modeling skills, the use of appropriate software on a PC can be useful in writing term papers and dissertations for successful professional activities. After all, mastering the main aspects of economic and mathematical modeling contributes to the development of students' ability to more deeply, consistently explore professional practical problems, to make effective and systematic decisions, taking into account the uncertainty and the risk posed by it.
As a methodology and toolkit, modeling does not replace mathematics, economic theory, or any of the economic disciplines. It provides additional impetus and incentives for the development of economics and its practical use. Therefore, the department conducts significant work in the field of research, development of new disciplines in accordance with modern trends in modeling in economics, writing monographs, textbooks, teaching materials for interdisciplinary training, business games, etc., for successful mastering of disciplines and use of acquired knowledge. further activities.
Students majoring in "Economic Cybernetics" take an active part in research on the topic of research of the department "Risk and security modeling in the digital economy", scientific seminar of the department, scientific student conferences and competitions of scientific works of all-Ukrainian and international levels.