Institute of Information Technologies in Economy

Educational methodology work

The Department supports the teaching process in 16 master-level and 32 bachelor-level disciplines. It develops concepts and contents of curricula and programmes, as well as their educational methodology basis. Between 1997 and 2011, the Department developed 42 textbooks and manuals endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. They are widely used not only in the KNEU, but also in other higher education establishments of Ukraine. 

"Vybir" simulation-based dialogue game (developed by V.F. Sytnyk and N.V. Yeriomina) was ranked 3rd at the contest of educational methodology projects of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine in 1993; the developers were awarded diplomas and a prize.

Teachers of the Department are using computer-based teaching technologies, including the Internet. The remote courses and knowledge-testing methodologies were developed for a number of disciplines together with the computer-based rating system.

The co-operation of teachers of the Department with various organisations and institutions provides master students with an opportunity to test their knowledge and skill level during the diploma internship. The number of places offered by the Department for the diploma internship is substantially larger than the number of master students providing them with an opportunity to choose a place for the internship. Most master students of the Department are admitted to staff positions in the organisations of their internship.

The Department encourages the scientific activity of students in addition to organising the teaching process at the contemporary level. A Students' Scientific Laboratory was established at the Department for students of the Information Systems and Technologies Faculty. It strives for encouraging the scientific research pursued by students in the field of information systems and technologies, and the obtainment of the practical skills by students in the field of the development and the implementation of information systems. Seminars in web design were held for students of the laboratory with the involvement of the leading domestic specialists. Students of the laboratory represent KNEU well at International Students' Conferences.

Last redaction: 06.05.24