Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Research activities

A scientific schools, which brought up leading specialists for the national economy, science and universities of not only Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries, but also a number of other countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Cuba, Bulgaria, China, Korea, countries of Latin America and Africa, Arab countries, was established at the Department under the management of Professor S.P. Kutsenko. 

The Department is researching into the Problems of the Development of the Information Management of Objects of Socio-Economic Systems of Ukraine.

Within this area, major attention is paid to the following scientific problems:

  • the establishment and the efficient operation of the information infrastructure of any socio-economic object;
  • the establishment and the operation of monitoring systems;
  • the development and use of information resources, technologies and systems;
  • the systemic integration of the information infrastructure of any socio-economic objects;
  • the management consultancy in the field of the process support to the information engineering business;
  • the generation of the knowledge management as a component of the information management of socio-economic enterprises;
  • the assurance of the information security of all socio-economic objects in case of the sustainable use of information resources, the regulation of rights, duties, guarantees and liability of parties to information relations in the field of the information security;
  • the improvement of the regulatory framework defining the procedure and the rules of the development and the use of information resources, the development, the production and the use of information technologies, information systems, networks and equipment, the certification and licensing.

All teachers of the Department work on this subject.

Last redaction: 19.04.19