Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Information Management Department

The principle of the conformity of the department's discipline with the advanced achievements of the information science and technology, as well as practical achievements in the field of the implementation of information technologies in the economy is one of the underlying principles of the Department's work. While sticking to this principle, the Department formulated new conceptual foundations of its future development reflected not only in the new name of the Information Management Department (since 1993), but, first of all, in the new specialisation for economic cybernetics specialists under the master programme in Information Management. The programme was opened for all forms of study starting from academic year 1995/1996.

More than 400 qualified information management specialists, who work for various industries and state authorities, have been trained over the period of existence of the master programme using all forms of study.

The Department pays a lot of attention to the research work and the implementation of its results into the teaching process and the practical testing of such results at objects of various sectors of the economy.

Bachelor-level disciplines
Web Design
Security of Intellectual Information Systems
Information Protection
Information Business Economics and Organisation
Internet Technologies in Business
Information Security
Information Management
Applied Programming Tools
Computer Networks
Data Models and Structures
Information Technologies Management Models
Business Process Modelling
Information Technologies Monitoring
Object-oriented Programming
Foundations of Programming and Algorithmic Languages
Applied Software
Programming Systems and Operating Systems
Monitoring Systems in Economy
Programming and Software Product Development Technologies
Software and Intellectual System Development Technology
Information Technologies Project Management
Information Resource Management
Artificial Intellect in the Management of Economic Systems
Intellectual Information Systems Project Management
Theory of algorithms
Administration of information systems and networks
Web-design and Web-programming
Technologies and the creation of multiplayer
Algorithmic and Programming
Computer circuitry and architecture of computers
Computer architecture
Web-technology and Web Design
Algorithms and Data Structures
Architecture IT companies
Methods of Artificial Intelligence
Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms
Creating your own IT- business
Technologies distributed systems and parallel computing
Technology of creation software
Cross-platform programming (Information Management Department)
IT Monitoring
Programming and algorithmic languages
Cloud Computing Technology (Information Management Department)
Protection Technologies Information Systems