Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Educational methodology work

The Department is working on improving and intensifying teaching process at both bachelor and master levels by implementing active methods of study, such as problem-based lectures, didactic games, training workshops, discussion seminars, small groups, etc. The educational methodology work of the Department is focused on the ongoing improvement of the teaching process. To this end, the work on the development of textbooks, manuals and other methodological materials on disciplines taught at the Department is conducted on a systemic basis. 

The Department maintains scientific and teaching relations with the related departments of higher education establishments of Ukraine (Kyiv Technical University, Kyiv University of Trade and Economics, Taurus State University, State Tax Academy, Ternopil Economics University, Odesa Economics University, Dnipropetrovsk University, Donetsk University, etc.), and CIS countries (Moscow Institute of Statistics, Economics and Informatics, Saint Petersburg University, etc.).

A team of highly qualified specialists in the field of the application of information technologies in the economy was established at the Department.

Last redaction: 19.04.19