Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Intellectual Decision Making Systems

Information technology is the ultimate realization of the main goal of the National Informatization Program - creation of all-state information and analytical support for the activities of state and local governments;  increase of efficiency of domestic production through extensive use of information technologies.
Global trends of information technologies and systems development demonstrate the growing influence of intelligent decision support systems, which is reflected in the educational activities and training  of corresponding experts in many leading universities around the world. This can be explained by the current level of control under high dynamism of the environment; a sharp rise in the rate of technological progress requires, in the process of decision-making , consideration of a set of alternatives and sophisticated choice based on the knowledge of specialists, sophisticated analytical calculations, research and methods of information technologies. The intelligent decision-making systems ensure the above mentioned demands, making the task of training the relevant experts extremely important for Ukraine, where there is a constantly growing demand for experts in the field of "Computer Science".
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Last redaction: 21.04.21