Institute of Information Technologies in Economy

Achievements of the department

In the field of information economy the Department has been solving such important problems as the development of methods and indicators for socio-economic systems’ sustainable development, pre-crisis and critical states using multifractal and wavelet analysis and entropy methods;the research of self-organization, clustering chaotic dynamics and turbulence. Our faculty pays special attention to the World-system analysis of the current global state and its macro trends considering the economic, environmental, energy implications and modeling the world system cyclical dynamics.

The major scientific project of the Department is «System analysis and modeling of the dynamics of national economic instability of the modern stage of development of the world-system», its main tasks are:

  • the introduction of system analysis methods, modeling and complex socio-economic systems and processes management into the modern information technology solutions under the conditions of increasing globalization in the socio-economic environment;
  • the development and improvement of research methods based on system analysis, nonlinear dynamics, synergetics and econophysics for the study of the critical economic events;
  • the development of the instruments for monitoring social, financial and economic indicators;
  • systematic research of pedagogical activity efficiency under the conditions of social and financial instability;
  • the development of intelligent ways of making decisions under risk and uncertainty;
  • improving methods of organizational management based on modern information technology;