Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Department of Informatics and Systemology

Staff of the Department is working with the motto:
«From information technology to active engagement in science and education»


The mission of the Department of Informatics and Systemology is to create an overall information technology (IT) educational and scientific environment that will nurture the development of students’ IT culture, which will become an integral part of their professional competence and personal growth.

With this mission in mind, the staff of the department is working tirelessly towards the following goals:

  • to ensure structural, methodological, intellectual and informationalcohesion and consistencyof the educational system;
  • to ensure consistency among various instructional methods and technologies and to provide educational continuity;
  • to provide multilevel training of highly qualified specialists in Social Sciences, Business and Law field that would ensure high level of competitiveness in the domestic and foreign labor markets;
  • to integrate theoretical learning and practical training, both of which are required for the development of the high quality educational process;
  • to incorporate the results of the scientific research and development work into the educational process;
  • to apply the state of the art organizational principles in the development of a unified educational system.


  • Silchenko Maryna
    In 1994 graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University on specialty " Mathematics" with the degree of specialist...
    Krasiuk Iuliia
    Higher education. In 1994 graduated with honors from Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after M. Dragomanov (specialty...

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Contact Information

Telephone of the department - 38-044-537-07-31


Address: 04053, Kyiv, L'vivs'ka Square 14, room 405