Institute Information Technologies in Economics

Educational methodology work

The educational methodology work of teachers of the Department is carried out in line with Ukraine's accession to the Bologna Process.
The priority was given to the intensification of the teaching process with: 

  • the efficient use of modern information acquisition, processing and analysis technologies;
  • the customisation of the teaching process;
  • the improvement of the practical training of students by means of the implementation of training-based teaching technologies.

Structuring the teaching process on the basis of the development of professional skills of future specialists on the basis of the application of modern information acquisition, processing and analysis technologies is an important component of the teaching activity. The migration toward the utilisation of information technologies in the process of training of future specialists allows, on the one hand, intensifying the individual self-study work of students and, on the other hand, paying more attention to dealing with students individually during the practical training sessions. This is especially true for core disciplines, such as statistics, economic statistics, statistical modelling and forecasting.

The Department is widely using the potential of information technologies, including the utilisation of some elements of the WebCT remote learning system in order to improve the process of mastering the knowledge of students in core courses.

Last redaction: 18.10.19